The Ancient Maya

While I was  working on the production of Temples of Cambodia, the  Heart of Angkor, my publisher asked me if I had any interest in doing a book on the Mayan ruins.  I chuckled and said that I had already started work on photographing the ruins a few years past. This  project turned into a wonderful collaboration with Michael D Coe, one of the foremost Mayanist scholars of the latter 20th century;  Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus, Yale University, and Curator Emeritus of the Anthropology collection in the Peabody Museum of Natural History.  the photographs in this group were taken over a period of 3 years which included 5 trips to Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.
The photos thus far included on my website only begin to scratch the surface of my collection. More will   be added as time permits. If you are interested in these, or any others, of my fine art photographs for sale, please contact me at 415-332-6350.