“Bronzetone” is a title that I created while working in the traditional darkroom, for images which I made through a series of serendipitous experiments, which at first seemed to me a failure based on what my original intent had been. After looking at these “failed attempts” I realized that I had stumbled upon what seemed to me to be a gift of alchemy. I worked on the surfaces of the prints to alter areas with which I was not happy and created some of my favorite images by doing so. One of these has been selected for the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston by the world renowned curator Anne Wilkes Tucker.

With a number of years of effort trying to re-create the Bronzetone process in the digital darkroom, I now feel that I have been able to do so in large part…  it continues to be a refining process to achieve the effects that I was able to do in the traditional darkroom.