Machu Picchu

In 1984, I received permission from the government of Peru to be at Machu Picchu during all hours of the day or night to make the photographs seen here. I arranged my fortnight-long trip so I would be there during the full moon. I have attempted to show the reader a wide range of images of the ruins to convey my sense of amazement at the beauty, complexity, and workmanship manifested by the Incas. For more information about these fine art photos, please read about my coffee table book of Machu Picchu photos.

Having read Hiram Bingham’s book on the discovery of Machu Picchu as a young boy, I was   fascinated with the possibility of doing a Photographic Essay on the subject and to create a literary essay to accompany the  images. The idea came to me to do a new translation of Pablo Neruda’s Alturas De Machu Picchu. I am very grateful to my dear friend Isabel Allende who contributed the prologue.

I contactedThe Ministry of Culture  in Peru and requested permission to be there 24/7 to photograph the ruins under a wide range of lighting conditions. They were kind enough to grant me permission to be there for two weeks.

The photos thus far included on my website only begin to scratch the surface of my collection. More will   be added as time permits. If you are interested in these, or any others, of my fine art photographs for sale, please contact me at 415-332-6350.