Napa Aerial

The photos in this collection of fine art photography for sale focuses on aerial images of the Napa valley. I had to wait for 3 years for the right season, right weather and right time of day to be able to capture these images. All of the photographs in this series were shot on one day in one hour, flying at a low altitude in a small Cessna airplane.

This series won First Place Award in the International Photo competition sponsored by Pilsner Urquell, Called the Lucie Awards, this honor is universally recognized by creative photographers as the “Oscars” of the photography world. I won first place in the 2006 Lucie Awards for the category of Aerial Photography.

In my previous worK as an abstract painter, I painted large scale paintings that had a similar feel to these “aerial landscapes”.  I can imagine these limited edition fine art photographs for sale being printed in sizes of up to 4’ X6’.  With this series of abstracted aerial images I am attempting to create a new vision of what is possible in landscape photography. I hope that they will bring a new perspective to the concept of what constitutes good landscape photography. 

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