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I have been pursuing a career as a fine art photographer since I began to travel in my early 20's. Having studied painting, sculpture and design at the Chicago Art Institute, the addition of photography as another manifestation of the visual arts seemed only logical. Other famous American photographers such as Irving Penn and Gordon Parks were also active in the field of painting and drawing. My interest in the abstract art of the mid 20th century manifested itself in my fine art photography of abstract color photographs of walls you will find under its own category on the website.

Not too long ago, one of the gallery owners in which I was exhibiting commented to me as we were looking over my body of work in preparation for a one-man show: "If we were to exhibit all of the portfolios we are looking at, people would think it was a group show!"

As a creative photographer my interest has led me in a number of directions. Within the website you will find portfolios on the following subjects: Abstract color photographs of walls, female figure studies,  floral images, the exploration of ruins, many of which are places of power, such as Stonehenge and Machu Picchu, The Temples of Cambodia and the Mayan World.

Another subject that has long held a fascination for me are images of flowers. The flowers are as much a study of light as they are the study of the form of the flowers. As it is the light that gives form to the floral image. This is much the same case as it is with my nude photographic art. Which is why there is also artistic nude photography – many of which are images of black and white nudes. Again, it is the light falling on the nude female form which creates the image.

You will find landscape photography for sale. I have included images from France, Turkey, Italy, Greece and Morocco. I seem to gravitate to countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. I will soon be adding to the website, images of black and white landscape photography. I include in this category my aerial photographs of Napa California, they are contemporary landscape photography as seen from the unique vantage point of a small plane.

All of these images are available as Signed/Numbered Limited Edition Fine Art Photographs for sale. They are available in a range of sizes. Please see the price list for dimensions.


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